Biographical Information
Name: Xacarias Alessandra
Homeworld: Aedrius
Age: 7
Occupation: Student
Rank/Title: High Prince
Physical Description
Species: Human (Aedrian)
Gender: Male
Height: Short
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Light Blue
Font Color

Esias Xacarias Alessandra V was born Xacarias Taleo on the planet of Aedrius shortly before the Aedrian Civil War. His parents were both pilots for the Alessandra Monarchy, as was his older brother, Kai. Only two when the Mandalorians bombed Aedrius, he was found wandering in panic by Xaviera Alessandra VII during the evacuation. Bringing him onboard, along with his older brother Kai, the two escaped the Mandalorian assault and moved to the Core with the princess.

Adopted informally into Xaviera's makeshift family, Xac grew close with the princess, relying on her for comfort and care. As time continued to pass and it became clear to Xaviera that Xac's older brother Kai was not suited to the task of raising his orphaned brother, the princess officially adopted Xac as her own son.

After Xaviera's coronation as Queen of All Aedrius, Xacarias was named her heir and High Prince. The priestesses gave him the royal name Esias V, the name of the first son of Xaviera the First. His brother, Kai, has become one of the Queen's primary pilots and is usually with her on the HMSS Iola. Unlike his biological brother, Kai does not have any royal standing.

Xacarias was given the wolf for his royal tattoo, symbolizing hidden wisdom, freedom, and leadership.