Biographical Information
Name: Srinica Keldronna
Homeworld: Aedrius
Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Representative
Rank/Title: Duchess of Aedrius
Physical Description
Species: Human (Aedrian)
Gender: Female
Height: 1.67 m (5' 6")
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Font Color

Srinica Keldronna, one of a few thousand survivors of the Aedrian Extermination, is one of two Duchesses of Aedrius and the best friend of Xaviera Alessandra. Known for her playfulness and spunk, Srinica is a popular figure within the Tallian Isles, a local celebrity of sorts, regarded more for her style, beauty, and grace. Despite her title, Srinica is rarely left in charge of the isles, preferring to let Mathias or Rozsa rule for Xaviera in her absence. Srinica will instead often accompany Xaviera to Coruscant, able to enjoy the plush lifestyle available there.

Srinica and Xaviera's relationship dates back to their childhood, with Srinica's mother having served as Queen Adonia's handmaiden. Growing up in the Queen's Palace in LaLexra, it was only a matter of time before the two young girls crossed paths. Along with Adrian Halkias, the three formed an inseparable trio that still exists to this day. During the Aedrian Civil War, Srinica joined Xaviera's efforts, and while not particular useful on the battlefield, she was vital to Xaviera's sanity. One of the few pieces she had left of her old, shattered life, Srinica was one of the most closely guarded treasures the warrior queen had. After the conclusion of the war and the subsequent Aedrian Extermination by the Mandalorians, Srinica escaped the planet with Xaviera and remained with her on Coruscant for the first few years until the Tallian Isles were secured.

Today, Srinica is a single mother, having gotten pregnant during a reckless, if not passionate affair with a visiting noble from Telos. Her daughter, Malia Keldronna, was one of the first Aedrians to be born on the Isles.