Biographical Information
Name: Mathias Damokles
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Head of ASF
Rank/Title: Duke of Aedrius
Physical Description
Species: Human (Coruscanti)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.87 m (6' 2")
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Font Color

Mathias Damokles, a resident of the Tallian Isles, is the leader of the Aedrian Security Force and often rules in place of Queen Xaviera Alessandra when she is on Coruscant. A trusted advisor and devoted friend, Mathias has proven his loyalty to Xaviera and her family time and time again. Granted the title of Duke, Mathias is a powerful and influential figure on the Tallian Isles, second only to the King himself.

Mathias first came to know Xaviera shortly after her arrival to the Core, when he was assigned to her as a Senate Guard. Initially, his protection was only reluctantly accepted by the Senator, but once Xaviera recognized his warm demeanor and caring personality, he was quickly absorbed into her disjointed, but loving family. In time, Mathias became one of Xaviera's most trusted of friends, relying on him more than any other during her transitional years to the Tallian Isles. Even after her marriage to Kal-Dar Tarn, she and Mathias remained close, with he fulfilling the role of a protective, older brother.

Mathias later went on to marry Rozsa Damokles, with Aedrian customs dictating he take her name. Another close friend of Xaviera's, Rosza had been with the Queen since the start of the Aedrian Civil War, serving the role as a military advisor. When the population moved to the Tallian Isles, Rozsa was given the title of Duchess and became one of Xaviera's main substitute representatives to the Senate.

Today, Mathias, Rozsa, and their twin daughters Marah and Kaley, resides with the Alessandra family at the Queen's Manor in LaCerra. Although not bound by blood, they all consider one another family.