Biographical Information
Name: Mano Iaelde
Homeworld: Aedrian
Age: Deceased
Occupation: Crown Guard
Rank/Title: Captain
Physical Description
Species: Human (Aedrian)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.87 m (6' 2")
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Font Color

Mano Iealde is a figure that lives in both infamy and legend for many Aedrians who still remember the Civil War and the Alessandra Executions. Engaged to Xaviera Alessandra VII at the age of 24, Mano's name became immediately known across Aedrius, with interest in him spiking when his coronation to become king was to be held the day after his wedding. As a husband of a Xavian Queen, he would have wielded considerable power and influence, taking command of the Aedrian Armada while becoming a religious icon for the common people. However, on his wedding night to Xaviera, a military coup was staged, resulting in the death of all the Alessandras.

Except for one. Having been an integral component of the rebellion, Mano knew of the plans to attack beforehand. However, rather than carry through with his assigned duty of taking out his wife Xaviera, he separated her from the rest of the Alessandras and rushed her to safety. It is only because of the love he held for Xaviera was she allowed the chance to live and fight again. Remaining with her for those first several days, Mano kept Xaviera alive and hidden, smuggling her out to the distant island of Vahela. There, Mano left her with the island governess, Rozsa Damokles.

Returning to Grand Admiral Sular Trask, Mano tried to broker for peace on behalf of Xaviera. Sular responded by executing Mano in front of his top lieutenants, including best friend Josias Dareth, in a merciless display of power. This act is what ultimately prompted Josias to kill Sular in his sleep and take control of the rebellion several days later.

Born on Aedrius to a small military family in the capital city, LaLexra. Mano's father served Queen Adonia as a military advisor, allowing Mano to grow up in the palace, alongside the other Alessandra children. Later enlisting in the Crown Guards at the age of 17, Mano was assigned to guard Xaviera Alessandra. Romance between the two, however, did not bloom until Xaviera's junior year in academy, sometime after her 16th birthday. Their relationship was kept quiet, with no one questioning the constant presence of a Crown Guard around the Alessandra Princess.

When their engagement was finally announced, the media swarmed the couple, barraging them with one question after the next. In several interviews, the teenage Xaviera always enthusiastically described the relationship consistently as "beautiful". Alessandra relatives confirmed her description, with her mother describing the pairing as a "match made only by the Goddess". Unbeknownst to the public, Xaviera was several months pregnant with Mano's child on their wedding night. She later lost the child in a miscarriage during the dawn of the Aedrian Civil War.