Biographical Information
Name: Adrian Halkias
Homeworld: Aedrius
Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Royal Guard
Rank/Title: Captain
Physical Description
Species: Human (Aedrian)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.9 m (6' 3")
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Font Color

Adrian Halkias is a Captain in the Aedrian Crown Guards, specifically serving High Queen Xaviera Alessandra. Adrian hails from a long line of Crown Guards, with the Halkias family known for its strong ties to the Alessandra family that can be traced back to the founding of the dynasty with Xaviera Alessandra the First. Today, Adrian is all that remains of the Halkias legacy, with the rest of his family having died during the Aedrian Civil War and subsequent Aedrian Extermination. While Adrian had managed to reach an evacuation shuttle in time, he was captured along with thousands of others and taken as prisoners of war. It wasn't until after the conclusion of the Mandalorian Wars was he released, returning immediately to the service of the small Alessandra family.

As a boy, Adrian grew up in the Queen's Palace in LaLexra, the capital city of Aedrius before the bombing. His father had served Queen Adonia Alessandra as her Guard Captain and as such, Adrian was raised in the company of the Queen and her family. From an early age, Xaviera and Adrian were close friends, and along with Srinica Keldronna, became an inseperable trio. On the night of the Alessandra Assasinations, Adrian escaped the palace with Srinica, only to both reunite with Xaviera to help fight in the Aedrian Civil War. A proficient commander and promising combatant, Adrian served at Xaviera's side throughout all of the war.

Today, Adrian continues to devote his life to his Queen, serving as both one of her strongest of guards and closest of friends. He currently resides with the Alessandra family at the Queen's Manor in LaCerra.